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         Welcome Hello and welcome to the Astro Space Stamp Society. This web site is dedicated to everyone who collects space stamps, postcards, covers, signed autographs from astronauts to astrophilatelic memorabilia or just enthusiasts on the Space hobby, then this is the site for you. Please drop use a line or two as we love to hear what you have to say.
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The Journal of The Astro Space Stamp Society
Orbit - is the official magazine of The Astro Space Stamp Society. The first issue was published in January 1988 and each year four issues of Orbit is sent to members. It has a semi-professional editor, and regularly has over 36 A4 pages, often accompanied by special supplements. Collectors and dealers advertising keep members up to date on market values and assist obtaining needed stamps, covers, post- cards, autographs and all space related collectibles. Issue 115 of Orbit is now out. To find out more Click Here. For a Preview of Orbit Issue 122 Please click here Please click here to view or download Orbit issues 01-100
Georgi Grechko (1931-2017) - Patron of the Astro Space Stamp Society and he is a cosmonaut hero of the Soviet Union. Did you know that Georgi spent 96 days in space and that he collects space stamps and envelopes and that some of them have been in space. To find out more on how Georgi Grechko became Patron of The Astro Space Stamp Society Click Here.
The Astro Space Stamp Society - Sections
Jeff Dugdale's DigiDisplay Jeff is making several of his display presentations available to anyone who is interested free of charge by digitising them. Over the last few years he has developed a capsule set of display presentations any four of which might be grouped to make up an evening’s display, as indeed they have already done at Philatelic Societies such as Moray, Inverness, Aberdeen, Falkirk and Edinburgh. Click Here Articles - Take a look at some of the great articles that we have for you to read.  Click Here. Building a Collection - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Stamp Collecting! Here we hope to provide you with practical ideas on the best way of starting your own stamp collection.  Click Here. Spaceflight - In the Spaceflight section we take a look at the stamps and patches of space flights. Click Here. Stamp Profile - In the Stamp Profile section you can find out what is on the space stamp as well as to the background of the stamp, and what it all means, to who was the designer. Click Here.
My Favourite - A stamp collection is a very personal thing, and the joy of stamp collecting, is putting something together over a period of years. Click Here. Philatelic Snippets - In the Philatelic Snippets section you will find snippets about space stamps and items from around the World. Click Here. Philatelic Errors - Have you got a space stamp with an error on it? In the Philatelic Errors section we show you the stamps that have the errors. Click Here. Rocket Mail Pioneers - Over seventy years ago, a hand full of people with some technical skills in Europe and abroad, independently, were developing a rocket that would be faster than airplanes. To find out more Click Here. ASSS Information Section You can find About Us and who to Contact and how to get Membership. You can also check the Astro Space Stamp Society News and the Noticeboard. And don't forget to check out the Links for more stamp sites and Societies. 
Peter Hoffman’s Apollo Checklist Our member Peter Hoffman has done stunning work on producing an Apollo 11 Anniversary checklist. You can click the link to see it. It’s an Excel spreadsheet with a compilation of stamps commemorating Apollo 11 or one of its anniversaries. Click Here.
The Apollo Story by Barry Feltham   If you would like to see some of the material go to click events then Non Meeting Day Displays you will find me the 5th one down. Further down the list you will find Umberto Cavallaro’s section on Italy in Space.